November 2017 Update


Hello there, fellow devious minds! We’ve missed you! Sorry it’s been so long, but we don’t like to publish our newsletter with any sort of regularity, because that would make it easier for the lizard people to find us. But enough about who’s not crazy… What do Fin Shepard, naive pandas, and plant-eating bugs have … Read more…


July 2016 Update


Sharks and Cons and Kickstarter… Oh My! Hi there, fellow devious minds! Long time, no talk. We’ve been heads-down at the grindstone over the last few months working on games and preparing for conventions. While we do enjoy waiting until we have a whole bunch of news, and then dropping it on you all at … Read more…

February 2016 Update


We’re going on a Picnic, and we’re bringing Beer, Pandas, and a SharknadoTM! Hello, fellow devious minds! Eric and Anthony here. You may have noticed that we’ve been awfully quiet newsletter-wise since Epic Picnic was released, and that’s because we’ve been super busy in the lab (Anthony’s dining room) cooking up a slew of cool … Read more…