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We think you’ll enjoy our fresh, edgy take on tabletop themes and uniquely crafted mechanics. Don’t believe us? See for yourself…

SharknadoTM: The Board Game!

sharknado_bg_logo_383x140Devious Devices is proud to be working with The Asylum and SyFy to create the officially SharknadoTM board game, based on the popular franchise. Work is underway and plans are in place to get it into your hands in 2016.  Read More…

Status: BETA testing

Panda Craves Danger

PCD-Temp-LogoYou are a panda; an adorable, achingly cute ball of fur with only one problem: You and your fellow pandas have grown tired of bamboo and are craving something more exciting. Throw caution to the wind and eat everything in sight, but be careful — the world is full of dangerous things, and you may end up biting off more than you can chew in this game of risk managment and dice chucking.  Read More…

Status: Final BETA testing

Epic Picnic

The verbal memory game from your childhood, corrupted and turned into a card game for 3-8 adults. Players flip cards to represent the ridiculous and terrible things they are bringing on the picnic (or other scenario) while at the same time trying to stay focused and remember what everyone else is bringing. You’re welcome.  Read More…

Status: Available now!

Bad Roommate

You and your roommates are competing against each other for the swankest pad you can afford in the city. Scheme, fight and deceive your way into your landlord’s favor, or drives the others insane and onto the street in the process.  Stay up to date

Status: Early BETA Testing!