About us

Devious Devices is the creation of Eric Cesare and Anthony Rando. Our goal is simple: Make uniquely themed tabletop games that can be learned quickly and be enjoyed for hours on end.

Our first game, Epic Picnic was successfully funded through Kickstarter in 2014. We are currently developing several new titles — like Panda Craves Danger and Bad Roommate — that we aim to crowdfund and bring to you over the coming year. We are excited to get our games in your hands, and look forward to growing with you as our community!

You can follow our dealing and developments through Twitter and Facebook, or reach out to us directly at info@deviousdevices.net.

Boards & Lager is a new blog, born from a desire to share lessons learned from our experiences in the industry and to tell the stories about epic games–and what’s the best thing to pair with cardboard, wooden bits and dice? Why, Beer of course!

You can read all about our “board and beer” pairings, game convention debauchery and industry experiences here. Feel free to use the site as a means to engage with us on topic and find out what makes us tick.

We look forward to hearing from you!


– Eric –


Mr. Cesare (pron. see-zar) is an east-coast native who grew up in a small town and spent too much time with adults. He enjoys taking things apart to see how they work, putting them back together in new and interesting ways and praying like hell that he doesn’t cause the apocalypse while doing so.

He also hates ketchup.

Current favorite games: Sushi Go!, Asking for Trobils, Viticulture, Carcassonne

– Anthony –


Anthony lives in a fortified compound in Arkansas, collecting canned goods and waiting patiently for the end of days. He designs games that he believes 17th century Ottoman corsairs would enjoy. In his spare time, he knits sweaters from the wool of his twin alpacas, Castor and Pollux. Almost none of this is true.

He also has a dog named Lincoln.

Current favorite games: Sentinels of the Multiverse, Smash-Up, Zombicide, Hanabi, Red Dragon Inn